So much more than just investments.

Financial Planning

We work to build a comprehensive financial, investment, and estate plan to help you pursue your financial goals and dreams. Our strategic planning will help you be prepared for many possible outcomes.

Financial News

Keep up to date on current market trends and analytics. We send out monthly newsletters and publish  weekly commentary articles. Ask us about being added to our Weekly Market Commentary mailing list!


Navigating your financial resources can be difficult. We are here to help you with management of your stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, CDs, money markets, alternative investments, college savings, retirement accounts, and other financial tools that may benefit you. 

Our investment approach is rooted in our three principles- Faith, Patience, and Discipline, and also in our three practices- Allocation, Diversification, and Rebalance.

Estate Planning

Preparing for the unexpected is possible with Furstenau Financial. We will walk you through the process of estate planning and give you confidence for your future. While we are not estate attorneys we will help you lay the ground work so you are well prepared to have that conversation with your estate attorney.

Life & Long-Term Care Insurance

We offer life and long-term care insurance through a variety of companies. Contact us to get more information about insurance.


Beyond the Services

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Social Events

From wine tasting to family picnics we love to host events for our clients. Social events offer neutral grounds for clients and their guests to mingle and enjoy themselves while also getting to know Furstenau Financial's team members. 

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Educational Events

Learning is key to success. Knowledge holds great power. We aim to educate our clients through many avenues by offering Market Updates, news and articles, published literature, and any requested information topics. 

Investment Education

Education is a valuable tool. We want to be sure our clients are educated in how investments work and why we take the approach we do when investing their money. This allows for complete transparency and further fortifies our relationships.

Latest Technology

We have some of the latest technology implemented in our office. From ease of access to convenience in  presentations, we strive to make your experience seamless. 

 - Electronic records storage

 - Online account access

 - Financial Planning software

 - Personal online access to clients' total financial picture

 - Electronic "vault" storage for clients' most important documents

Regular Reviews

It is important to go over your investments periodically to track your account performance. Annual reviews allow us to go over that information, in detail, with our clients. Clients may also schedule an appointment at any time in between regular reviews to discuss anything on their accounts.

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Client Appreciation Dinner

We appreciate our clients and we enjoy showing them just how much! Furstenau Financial hosts an annual, themed Client Appreciation Dinner with wonderful catered food and fun activities.


Finding a 'Why'?

Deshun Wang - Be the Fiercest

Find inspiration in achieving your dreams with Deshun Wang.

"I still have some dreams to achieve. Believe me, potential can be explored. When you think it's too late, be careful you don't let that become your excuse for giving up."

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