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Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Furstenau Financial specialize in helping?

We work with multigenerational families and business owners. If this sounds like you or your family, please contact us to see how we may help you.

Where are my year-end tax forms?

Tax forms such as 1099's are mailed out at the end of January and in February, while the tax forms showing contributions to an IRA or Roth IRA, will be mailed following the tax filing deadline. If you have an Account View profile, your LPL forms can be found under the "Documents" tab.

Can I see my accounts online?

Yes. We have two different options, Account View and Wealth Manager. Please contact our office to get your account set up. 

How do I unlock my Account View profile?

This has to be done on our end. Please contact us to help complete this process. 

What kind of events do we offer?

We offer both educational and entertainment events. See our What We Offer page for more information. Also, contact our office for our upcoming event schedule.

What kind of communication can I expect?

All clients will receive a Furstenau Wealth Update via email. We will also share podcasts and videos with you multiple times a month. You can communicate with us via secure email, phone, and text. Finally, expect an annual review either in person or virtually as well as expect us to call you directly multiple times throughout the year. 

How much do I need to retire? 

Everyone's situation looks different, give us a call to set up a meeting to review your situation.

What questions do you have for us?

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